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If struggles continue to carry over from one to the next, cognitive skills testing and Brain Works can impact your child or student and make a real difference.

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Our Program - The first step to a faster, smarter brain is scheduling an assessment. FREE Assessment - In 2 hours or less we will identify the root cause with realistic expectations of a solution.

Why Brain Works?

  • The Brain Works difference and why are track record speaks for itself.

Frustrations and Symptoms

  • Do you see any of these common symtoms?
  • Do these frustrations sound familiar?
  • How does a processing difficulty impact my child?
  • Children do actually have the desire to be successful in school!

A lack of processing skills makes a student avoid homework; it is difficult, frustrating.

  • They feel disappointed with themselves, and they believe their parents are disappointed as well.
  • They also desire to be accepted. Thus, they cannot comprehend why it is so hard for them to learn while their classmates succeed.
  • They feel as though they have a problem, but they don’t know what’s wrong or how to correct it.

This is a terrible feeling for a child.