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If struggles continue to carry over from one to the next, cognitive skills testing and Brain Works can impact your child or student and make a real difference.

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The Brain Works program and services we provide. How we can help your struggling student. We are your personal trainers for your brain.

What is Cognitive Brain Training?

  • It’s a scientific method utilizing specialized computer exercises in tandem with a one-on-one Brain Training Coach to improve functioning in the areas you need it most.

Did you know that many struggles with thinking, learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills?

At Brain Works, our brain training program targets those very skills.

Brain Works focuses exclusively on training the underlying cognitive skills that make learning possible. This is done through a series of challenging and fun mental exercises that work on the way the brain thinks, learns, reads, and remembers.

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One of the best parts is our students get to work one-on-one with their own personal private training specialist. You know those intense, but fun mental exercises we just mentioned?

  • As a Brain Works student, you’ll be doing them face-to-face in a variety of ways with your private training specialist.
  • The face-to-face aspect of our programs takes the training experience to a whole new level, and is a big part of what makes us so unique in the brain training industry.

We provide non-academic training procedures with a one-on-one mentor, that target and strengthen the individual student’s core mental abilities, like:

  • processing speed
  • attention
  • memory
  • auditory/visual processing
  • logic and reasoning

These key skills are every student’s foundation for successful learning, and if overlooked, can create lifelong problems.

Throughout our program, students are paired with their own private training specialist. Through this one-on-one relationship, the Brain Works Program is designed to produce big improvements quickly for every individual.

Who Needs Brain Training?

Most of us. Lots of students struggle in a particular area. Brain Training is designed to make improvements in cognitive funtions across many areas.


Some particular areas brain training can improve include:

  • impulsivity
  • listening
  • inattentiveness/concentration
  • memory
  • reasoning
  • motor skills
  • reading