The Brain Works Experience

“We knew Lilly had potential, but it had been hidden for so long. Our daughter’s life has literally been changed by Brain Works.”
- Matt father of Lilly, age 8

What is the Brain Works Experience?

We help students of all ages improve their ability to learn regardless of their current level of learning or their reading success!

Most of us take for granted the amazing processes that happen in our brains. Every bit of information, every question, and each fragment of sensory input is processed at lightning speed so that we can learn, answer, decide, or just enjoy the moment.

how can brain trainining help you

Does your child have trouble learning?

  • You know they are bright, but you’re baffled as to why they don’t seem to be learning or why they are getting poor grades.

How to find out if Brain Works is right for your child

Simply ask yourself the following questions:

If you answered YES to three or more of these questions, it is very likely that your child has mild to moderate processing problems.

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Brain Works Utah Test Your Kids Using These Three Principles

Brain Works of Draper Utah Founder and owner Andrew Mellon provides 3 tips to do with your children to see whether they pass or struggle and may need Brain Works help. The three tests include Eye Tracking, Cross Patterning, and Photographic Memory.

Brain Works

Utah Tutoring Services for the 21st century!

Affordable one-on-one coaching with brain exercises for the development of brain processing to acquire the most efficient learning skills. Successfully turning learning struggles into learning abilities. Brain Works is a brain processing development, tutoring services, and educational learning centers company founded in 2007 in Draper Utah. Our goal is to help people learn in the most efficient way possible and help people learn better by improving their cognitive functioning. We are a team of educators, special education teachers, occupational therapists, and child psychologists. At Brain Works, we are committed to helping your child improve their thinking and brain function: we teach your child how to learn.