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  • Office: West Jordan Office
  • Hours: 9:00AM - 7:00PM
  • Years Of Experience: 34
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When Monique was 33 years old she did the brain works program for herself. She "thought" she was doing the program to simply experience what her clientele would be experiencing, but Monique was delightfully and very gratefully surprised to discover that she actually: "really needed the exercises!"

In her late 30's, Monique's life has been tremendously easier since: having the capacity to reason better, learn better, and communicate better than she ever did in the first 33 years of her life.

Because of how significantly her life has been benefited, she has a great compassion for the struggles and insecurities experienced by her brave clientele and she also has a great passion to show them what joy lies in store for them as they persevere through this course with a trusting attitude.

Monique began her experience of showing others what potential they have for learning by teaching preschool at a daycare back in her late twenties. There she was required to read about research done on how children learn as part of her job. Monique was so intrigued by how our brains work! From that initial education it sparked in her a burning desire to help people: understand how to help themselves, where they struggled along with their children who are learning at accelerated rates to ensure everyone can have hope.

Eventually Monique found herself connected to Brain works where she has worked sharing her beliefs in others for the past five and a half years. This past year Monique has spent considerable time towards certifying on the side in life coaching, as well which has given her a larger scope on just what the whole nervous system is doing in connection with the brain and she loves teaching her clientele what their body is doing as we progress through the course.

The most amazing thing is watching each individual reach that point where they are liberated by their new skills and they know that all of us here at Brain Works truly loved giving them this new gift.



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