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Our Brain Coaches

We are a team of educators, special education teachers, occupational therapists, and child psychologists.

BRAIN COACH Less Stress More Brain

Is your child stressed out because of ADD?

How are they doing at school?

Are their relationships working?

What is their self esteem like?

Do they lie often?

Can they do simple daily tasks without constant reminders?

Learning Challenged kids experience many stressful emotions from their daily life experiences. School, relationships and daily habits are all a minefield for them.

Did you know that the stress and negative emotions that often occur in ADD can actually cause symptoms of ADD?

Stressful emotions turn off the frontal lobes of the brain where a child learns, recalls information and can choose logically.

Overwhelm, frustration, feelings of worthlessness and powerless to change are the 4 most common stressors in kids with learning struggles. These emotions start a fight or flight process that switches off the higher functioning parts of the brain.

We have been working with kids with ADD and other learning struggles for decades. We teach your child and you how to turn down the volume on these stress patterns in the mind. This allows the brain to function with all its moving parts so a child can come out of all the negative fight or flight patterns.

In this program you and your child will learn:

A 2 minute daily simple and effective technique to reduce stress

Learn how to wire in habits in brain instead of trying to remember them or needing constant supervision.

The 1 minute a day Brain Moves that keep the brain working together,

That they can have a better experience with learning, relationships, daily habits and self esteem.


  • The normal development of processing skills does not happen according to our intellectual ability. Therefore even highly intelligent people can struggle to learn – in fact, struggling learners are usually bright.

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