Cognitive Skills

We help improve one's brain functionality through one-on-one custom interaction. Our goal: to help people learn in the most efficient way possible and help people learn better by improving their cognitive functioning.

Visual Memory

Visual memory is particularly important in the process of reading. The brain treats each word as a shape. Each word creates its own unique shape, which the student must immediately recognize.

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Visual Memory:

A person with good visual memory will begin to initiate instant recall after only 6-7 exposures to a word. A person with poorly developed visual memory might need 45-50 exposures-to a word before he develops this instant recall. Consequently, the individual will learn to read, but at a much slower rate and only with great effort.

Visual skills have other important functions as well. As we read, we must put words and phrases together to conceptualize the meaning of the words. If we are able to form a clear “mental picture” in our minds-eye or visualize what is taking place in the text, we are easily able to conceptualize meaning. If we are able to visualize the step-by-step procedure as a math concept is being explained, we can easily understand and recall the procedure for later use. These skills also play a major part in helping us recall the correct spelling of words. We must remember what a word “looks” like (“bouquet,” for instance) in order to correctly spell it. (If you spell words strictly phonetically, you will not be good at spelling.) These skills can even help you recall where you put your keys.

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Is Your Child Struggling in School?

(If a student responds appropriately, he will ignore the person tapping a pencil in the next seat or the noises in the hall and focus on the important information being given by the teacher.)

If the sorting of information does not properly occur, the brain is bombarded with an overabundance of stimuli and a student tends to respond inappropriately or may respond with inappropriate behavior.

  • Mental focus may vary depending on an individual’s level of interest in the information being given.
  • In addition to the amount of competing input the brain is required to filter out.

People with attention deficit disorder or (A.D.D.) have poor Figure Ground.

Just like a personal fitness trainer provides a customized program to suit individual fitness levels:
  • Brain Works designs a custom “Personal Cognitive Fitness Program” to meet the individual needs of each client based on diagnostic testing.
  • Once you build the brain’s muscle, you have learned how to properly use it
  • It will stay in shape for a lifetime.


Who Can Brain Works Help? Students of All Ages!

  • Brain Training from Brain Works has the power to improve the quality of life and learning, regardless of a student's current level of learning or reading success. 
  • The Assessment Evaluation

    Each new client visit begins with a comprehensive interview and cognitive skills assessment

  • Create a Custom Program

    We develop a personalized and proven proprietary brain training course.

  • Begin Your Training

    Students begin a series of cognitive skill exercises that increase in difficulty and complexity.

  • Academic Success

    Upon graduation, progress reports are reviewed identifying their success.

  • FREE Assessment for New Students

    In 2 hours or less we identify the root issues with realistic solution options.

  • What's Your Story?

    Share your story with us! In return, we'll show how Brain Works can help.

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